About Avenir

Avenir Ltd. Sp. o.o. was established in 1993 in Warsaw, where we currently maintain our office and warehouse.We are one of the largest import_ers and exporters of high-quality plastics such as polystyrene, expandable polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene, and engineering plastics in Poland. We offer original materials as well as blow molding and grinds; our diverse offerings include a broad array of materials fit for any kind of production.
We make every effort to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of quality as well as price. In Poland, we distribute the products of reputable companies including RP Compounds, Versalis, KPIC, and DuPont.

In 1999, the Company expanded its activity to include the construction of warehouse and office space, in cooperation with the construction company Marek Antczak. We have built high bay warehouses with an area of approx. 5,000 m2, suitable for mechanical loading and unloading of palletized goods, and office space with sanitary facilities with a total area of approx. 1,200 m2.
We invite you to explore our offerings in both plastics and construction services, and look forward to doing business with you.

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